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Carrot Top Drugs Limited is a wholesome fertility solution and wellness company. We offer innovative fertility and wellness care products.

At Carrot Top Drugs, we have you covered from end to end. From the moment you decide to start raising families, till you ‘Hang your booths’; we are with you all the way! Carrot-Top Drugs has seasoned Medical / Sales Representatives in all the regions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The company started as a retail outlet (still in operation) and progressed to marketing franchised products and eventually developing its own brands.

Carrot Top Drugs is a small family of professionals with high commitment to a shared vision of being a true channel of blessing to all who seek to have healthy balanced families.


To be the number one fertility solution and wellness company in Nigeria.


We aim to help at least 100,00 Nigerian couples annually conceive babies and maintain healthy balanced lives.

Our Policy Statement

For Carrot-top Drugs, profit and cash flow are like blood and water – they are essential for life but not the very point of life. Our customers are the very reason we are in business.

Our Core Values




Customer Centeredness


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